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Apply to speak or attend: President of the General Assembly's High-level Meeting on Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace

UN President of General Assembly's High-level Dialogue on Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace

The President of the General Assembly is convening a two-day high-level meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday, 24-25 April 2018 at United Nations Headquarters in New York with the aim to discuss ways to support peace in practice. At the request of the Office of the President of the General Assembly (OPGA), UN-NGLS and the United Nations Peacebuilding Support Office are facilitating a process to identify eight stakeholder respondents for the interactive dialogues, and for stakeholders to apply to attend this event as observers.

The format of the high-level meeting consists of an opening segment, a high-level plenary debate, four interactive dialogues and a closing segment.

Stakeholders could apply to speak by 18 March or attend as an observer by 31 March:

UN-NGLS facilitated a stakeholder Selection Committee for the evaluation and short-listing of the candidates for the speaking roles, to be presented to OPGA for their consideration. Stakeholders could apply for the Stakeholder Selection Committee by 18 March.

The Committee ensured regional and gender balance, and diversity of constituency and expertise in the overall set of candidates. The President of the General Assembly makes the final selection of the speakers for this event.

The President of the General Assembly has now selected the following seven speakers through this process:

Interactive Dialogue I: Sustainable Financing for Peace
Christina Bennett - Overseas Development Institute, Humanitarian Policy Group - UK / USA
Scofield Muliru - Scofields Associates - Kenya

Interactive Dialogue II: Strengthening the UN Work on Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace in the Field
Julian Rodriguez Sastoque - DOMOPAZ Foundation (International Dome for Peace Foundation) - Colombia

Interactive Dialogue III: Strategic Partnerships with the UN for Peace
Anca Gliga - Youth Peace Ambassadors Network / UN Major Group for Children and Youth - Italy / Romania
Peter van Sluijs - Cordaid - Netherlands

Interactive Dialogue IV: UN Comprehensive and Integrated Approach to Peace 
James Thuch Madhier - Rainmaker Organization for Sustainable Development - Canada / South Sudan
Farahnaz Ghodsinia - Children of Mindanao - Philippines

The members of the Stakeholder Selection Committee were:

Jonathan David Thompson - Washington and Lee University School of Law
Vidyanagar Shafi Neeshad - Arab Youth Climate Movement Qatar
Moa Herrgaard - United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth
Pefi Kingi - PACWIN / Pacific Womens Indigenous Networks
Abdullahi Bindawa - Center for Nonviolence & Peace Studies, The University of Rhode Island
Sotheavy Srey - Alliance for Conflict Transformation
Mariela Julieta Campos - Eoto World
Rama Devi Ananth Ram - All India Womens Conference
Lily Penaranda Ferrufino - World Peace Initiative Foundation
Ornella Ohoukoh - IMCS Pax Romana
Yvette Georgette Ngomo Ndongo - CSAYN
Dafna Rand - Mercy Corps
Danika Littlechild - International Indian Treaty Council
Yiombi Thona - Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network, APRRN
Ena Peeva - FEPP Ecuador and Eduactive Italy
John Ede - Ohaha Family Foundation

More information about the High-level Meeting on Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace is available here.

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